'Other Versions' displays for all Tidal albums

Another tiny detail, and it might be user error/misunderstanding, but the ‘Other Versions’ button (not sure terminology) displays for all Tidal albums, even if that’s the only version in my library.

I only noticed as I have some albums as files and tidal, and wanted to check I was using the local, but that particular one was tidal only.

For files, the button only displays if there are multiple versions.

Incidentally, I’d still prefer to have a setting to automatically use the local versions (and/or hide tidal versions) where I have both. I think I mentioned this before, but until Roon can stream to me at work, I duplicate a lot of things I own within Tidal favourites so I can listen out of the house, but this in turn adds duplicates back into my home Roon library.

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