Other versions not working when viewing Tidal album

An album in my own library is offered an Other Versions option for the same album on Tidal. If I then view the same album on Tidal my library version is not offered as an Other Versions option.

I don’t think it is two-way like that unless you add the Tidal version to your library.

Hum, that seems fundamentally wrong. Roon is integrating my library and Tidal already. That should be enough for Roon to recognise album matches. Plus, it can identify matches from My Roon Library to Tidal, so why isn’t that a two-way street?

Roon uses your library as a reference point. If an album is fully identified in your library then Roon shows the equivalent in Tidal.

If you look at an album in Tidal that you have not added to your library then that album would somehow need to reach out and check your library. It would have to do this to a massive numb of user libraries. That would be troublesome I expect and a record would need to be written you your database rather than Roon’ss central database. I am not sure it would make sense for every album you ever looked at in Tidal to check if it also existed in your library.

However, when you add a Tidal album to your library there is a reference created in your database and Roon shows the alternative versions both ways.

So, I reckon this is why working as designed. Am sure the Roonies will clarify.

wrong post

Related question, I think, @ncpl. When viewing albums in my library that are only in Tidal, I do not own a local version, should I be seeing the ‘other versions’ button? I do, and when I click it, it shows the Tidal version as the primary version and also asks me if I want to view the album in Tidal. This seems a little redundant, for lack of a better word. I find myself wondering what other version it might want to show me. Wouldn’t it make more sense just to have a link to view the album in Tidal in this case, perhaps instead of the ‘other albums’ button or turning the ‘Tidal’ indicator under the album artwork into an active link? Thanks for your efforts here on the forum!