Other Versions of a Composition

@Support I added an Ahmad Jamal album where I had to manually edit most of the metadata (because the cd was from Hallmark, which is not usually recognized by any database). I don’t mind that as I knew I would have to do this. I have a question, however, about how roon finds other versions of a particular composition. One of the tracks on the album is Cheek to Cheek and once I entered the composer data, roon included the cd box next to the track with a number, in this case 14 (which isn’t correct - it should be 20). However, when I edited Secret Love and added the correct composers, roon didn;t report any other versions of the composition, although there are 8 in the database. I checked and as far as I can see the composer and title metadata are the same for the new track and several of the old tracks. The only difference I see is that the new track is live and the others studio. So why didn’t roon find all the other Secret Loves and Cheek to Cheeks?