Out of space on Nucleus attached USB - how to upgrade to NAS and not lose metadata?

Hi, I have a 4 TB hard drive attached via usb to the nucleus. I want to move to a NAS to make more room for my music library and for redundancy. How do I transfer my music library to the NAS and not lose the metadata? I.e., the absolute links will change and I worry Roon will treat all of this as new music and not associate it with my previous metadata (tagging, etc). Or am I out of luck??

Hi @Jason_Miller1,

Please see our documentation on moving your collection here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/FAQ:_How_do_I_move_my_collection_to_a_new_folder%2C_hard_drive_or_NAS%2C_Will_I_lose_my_edits%3F

If you have any questions about this process please let us know!

thanks. just a quick question about the document you referred me to in terms of moving to NAS- after following the directions, why does it say “xxx tracks imported” if the new NAS has just a mirror copy of the old drive (with more room for expansion)? it doesn’t seem to be importing all the tracks, just a subset. Is this normal behavior?

Also out of curiosity, where is the Roon database stored?

The new drive may be a mirror copy, but the path names have all changed from the Cores perspective, hence the “import” - its importing file paths, not the files themselves, and re-associating these with the Roon metadata. The database is stored on an internal ssd for maximum speed and efficiency.

Hi @Jason_Miller1,

Mike is correct — While it’s all part of the “import” process, Roon isn’t fully importing this media again. It’s going to start the import process, read the files, and match the new paths up with the existing database records.

The Roon database is stored on the Core machine, which, in your case, is the Nucleus.

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