Output device disappeared

All was well until today. Yesterday my annual sub was renewed - is there a connection ?
Anyway Roon runs on my Mac and outputs to my stereo Roon enabled amp downstairs. Except today the amp no longer shows as a device. It is switched on and in ready mode.
It does not appear any more in Settings / Audio and there seems no way to manually add a device. Hitting the Scan refresh does nothing.
Otherwise Roon runs Ok via ARC and on the Mac itself.
How do I get my amplifier to show again ?

Hi Stephen
Restart all of them, and the router. How do you connect to the amp? ethernet? sometimes DHCP changes ips for devices. Worst case, if the amp has a factory reset, but do not jump with factory reset. Sounds more like a network issue (I Hope)

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Thanks. A hard reset o& the amp did the trick.

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