Output device recognized but wouldn't play using Squeeze2upnp

Roon sees my output device (NAC272), as shown in attached screenshot. When I play a track it seems to play as the volume bar graph shows activity. However no sound comes out of my output device which doesn’t seem to have ‘received’ the track signal. For instance the progress bar at the bottom of the window (see attached screenshot) doesn’t show any progress as if no track was playing.

My setup comprises :

  • iMac on OS X (Core)
  • Naim NAC272 (doesn’t support Roon natively but works a Linn app for instance to stream Qobuz using BubbleUPnp)
  • BubbleUPnp server

Please provide a little more information about your setup as described here. How is the Naim connected to Roon?

I suspect you need an intermediate device–Roon Bridge–to get this working with Roon. Is that what you’re trying to achieve with the Squeezebox?

Hi @Francois-Eric_Mezin.

Just to confirm, are other endpoints working okay?

Can you share a screenshot of the Signal Path as well as a screenshot of Device Setup for this Zone?


The NAIM is connected to Roon through a software bridge called Squeeze2upnp-osx-multi-static that allows it to be seen as a Squeezebox.

Here is the device step up screenshot and signal path :

Hi @Francois-Eric_Mezin,

We don’t perform any testing on Squeeze2UPNP, so I have shifted your post over to the Tinkering section, where others who are making use of this bridge may comment on the thread.

We can’t confirm comparability with Squeeze2UPNP with Roon, so if others don’t chime in with suggestions, you may want to reach out to the creator of Squeeze2UPNP and ask them for further assistance.

You could try setting it to fixed volume and not device volume. This will then tell Roon to output full line level and attenuate. All volume should be controlled by the NAC. @simon_pepper might be able to help you to as h uses it in conjunction with his Naim gear.

Yes, I use the SonoreUPnP Bridge into the NDS Network player, into the Line input of the PreAmp.
The setting is for fixed output in ROON then use the PreAmp volume control, effectively as if you using a CD player.

Thank you for the advice. Unfortunately it’s not just a volume issue as the progress bar at the bottom of the screen is not moving, indicating the track is not playing. That is despite the NAC272 icon under Zones showing some activity (bar chart type indicator moving up and down).

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