Output on Linux

Is it not possible to use a Linux-based computer for core & output? I’m in the process of migrating to a Linux machine for my daily work. I’d like to run the core and out from the same machine.

This is surely possible.

Nucleus and NUC among others.

As long as your audio-interface/DAC works with ALSA you should be good.

Just so you’re aware: You need Wine and Roon for Windows additionally to the Linux Roon Server software if you also want to be able to control your Core from the Linux computer.

Wine would work - thanks…I’m not very well versed in Linux, but just need something more reliable than Windows for some basic computing tasks. Roon is one of the few stand alone programs I would want to install.

this is doable using RoonServer for Linux.

I echo @danny. You can do it with Roon Server and for UI you can use the Web UI Extension. is how I been using it for many year with the exception that I do use endpoints and not the server for output.