Output Quality on Sonos Amp

I have two sources for my Sonos Amp

Qobuz streaming via Roon to the Sonos Amp itself which is down sampled to Sonos capabilities over WiFi.

Qobuz streaming via Roon to an Intel Nuc with a Sonato HD Pro DAC output to the line in of the Sonos Amp

Looking at the signal path with the Nuc and DAC it looks like I’m getting a Hi Res output without being down sampled for Sonos.

Is this right? I was under the impression that all signal regardless if over WiFi or Line In was downsampled by the Sonos Amp.

High res all the way to Line in, and then Sonos starts compressing Audio, and no High res in the speakers…

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Based on my testing you can get high resolution through the line in with an improvement in sound quality (using this from my Matrix Audio DAC Amp line out fixed).

I have not done anything with zones playing elsewhere, as there seems to be no point as they will only be played down sampled.
But on the Amp it seems to work well.

In terms of Sonos S2 it doesn’t yet support anything but 16/44 that are not local files. I have played 24/48 locally and it sounds great, but nothing higher from my testing.

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Thanks again Michael

No problem and good luck with your testing

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Sonos Line in is wav format.
Line in

And wav format is max 16/44.1
Wav format

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Jasper that is very interesting as having used two DACS in front of it they both sound is noticeably better than being fed directly from Roon.

What are the limits of phono as the DAC is feeding 24/96 or pre decoded MQA through to the Sonos over phone cables.
I did not think there was a limit on that is it comes down as an analogue signal.
It is only when it transmits it back to other Sonos devices that it converts to to 16/44.1 Wav but I am not doing that, I am only playing it through my speakers.
S2 supports high resolution, just not streaming.
Interested in your thoughts?


My understanding of Sonos Line in is that all Audio sent to Line in will be downsampled to what Sonos supports.

But try asking the Sonos People.
Sonos community

I asked one of the support team as S2 and Amp both support 24/48 but they are vague on what is currently supported in which part of the stack as they develop S2 towards more functionality

That may be where the confusion is, I have plenty of 24 bit music in my library and I used to hide it from Sonos but now the majority of 24/48 work fine. It may be that 24/96 work on the latest beta versions, I will have to try it again.