Output Settings

Hi All,

I have a Luxman DA-06 that connects to the Roon core.
The DAC can play DSD native, I use LUXMAN ASIO driver.
I noticed there are various setting for DSD etc on Roon - not sure what I should be selecting.
Can someone advise ?
I would like native dsd play through my Luxman.

Hi Alice,

You’ve probably seen this FAQ topic. In Output Settings, look at the options available under DSD Playback Strategy. You should see Native or Direct as an option when your DAC can take native DSD. An option for Max DSD Sample Rate will then appear. You can disable the option or set it for the highest DSD rate your DAC can take. DSD above any selected Max rate will be converted to PCM enabling continual playback from the queue even if the DAC doesn’t support the format.

If your DAC supports Native DSD output and ASIO, there will probably be two Luxman drivers/devices in your Settings->Audio Page.

Enable the one that has [ASIO] in the name, and disable the other one. Then Select “Native” under DSD Playback Strategy. You should not need any other settings unless you run into problems.

Thanks guys, I was doing the same so was on the right path.