Output to Upsampler

Hi. I can’t see my DCS Vivaldi Upsampler in Roon. What do I need to do to output to the Upsampler. Roon will only output to my PC at present

Go to Roon’s settings, Audio, scroll until you see dCS Vivaldi, enable it. Suggest you go to the DSP Engine settings also (in the gears) and disable the DSP Engine (top left).

I went to Audio in Settings but can’t see the DCS Upsampler. What should I do now?

Two ways to connect this to Roon: USB from the upsampler to the core (or a computer that can act as a Roon endpoint), or over the network - ie network connection to the upsampler. I suggest network.

Agreed. For some reason Roon can’t see the Upsampler on the Network but it can see Apple TV which is strange

I’m assuming you’ve restarted everything. Can you see the upsampler in your iphone/ipad dCS app?

No I can’t. I disconnected all my DCS kit from the mains and then started it up again but still cant see the Upsampler on the Network on IPad it IPhone
Will contact DCS unless you have another idea

Clearly the upsampler is not getting on the network if you can’t see it on the ipad.

My suggestion is to check that network connection. Unplug the network cable to the upsampler and, if you can, verify it is working by plugging in something else like a computer or airport express or apple tv. Could be a bad network cable or similar.

Hi John,

Can you connect to the upsampler using the dCS app (iPhone / iPad)?

Can you please post your software versions loaded on the upsampler? This is available in the app or via the front panel (menu > information > version

It looks to be Version 2.01. I will just check that the Upsampler is connected properly to the Router. It may have come loose

If that doesn’t correct it then please let me know the network firmware revision (via the same menu).