Outputting Windows audio to a Raspberry Pi Roon endpoint with AMP HAT

I have a question regarding my PC setup. I am running Roon on a headless server and my PC setup has a Raspberry Pi with DietPi (and I have a RopieeeXL build too which I can swap out). This has a Justboom AMP HAT and that’s driving a pair of small bookshelf speakers. Very happy with it, works seamlessly with the rest of the Roon devices.
However, if I want to hear any audio from my PC, I have no way of allowing Windows to output to the Pi - I’ve tried connecting a USB cable directly to the Pi, but it doesn’t work - no audio passes through.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I can do about it?
Would a HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP work if I ran an optical cable to it? (Seems to be an expensive solution considering that’s more expensive than the original AMP HAT though)
Or are there any apps I could install on the Ropieee or DietPi that would allow the PC to “see” the Pi as a WASAPI/ALSA output? I can’t find anything online, so it looks like I might need another solution, but I can’t think of one - any ideas please?

I think I answered this in another thread…not sure if this is a new user posting but search here for something in the last few days with RopieeeXL mentioned…edit that was you too and I gave you a solution too

duplicate posting is not widely accepted in any forum.

And you cannot connect a windows USB connection to a RPi USB no matter what pi OS you use. its not electrically supported

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Ah, sorry Mr F. No disrespect was intended - it’s more out of ignorance. In my limited understanding I thought that (a) DietPi seemed to have far more options than Ropieee and (b) there would be some who were experts on one OS over the other. No disrespect was intended.

I also didn’t realise it was a hardware limitation. Thanks for clarifying.
I tried using the DLNA route but I can’t get that to work (I downloaded something called Stream What You Hear, but it doesn’t seem to work, or at least I don’t seem to be smart enough to get it to work)

Some online research has suggested I might be able to use either a hat with input capability (like the Audio Injector) or a USB device that converts the signal like this one here. Would either of these work or am I fundamentally misunderstanding what the Pi is capable of? (That wouldn’t be to denigrate it, it’s a fantastic little piece of kit)

Again, sorry if I seemed disrespectful, I’m just learning about this device, I’m not a coder or anything so I’m not fully aware of what its limitations are.

No issue for me…just doesn’t help keep things under one issue/topic and others who might seek similar get lost in more than thread about the same problem.