Outstanding service from Andrew Gillis at SGC

Just a note to say thank you to Andrew Gillis, CEO of SGC, for his outstanding products and service, and to recommend SGC products to others. I have used Roon since the very earliest days and owned two SGC SonicTransporters as my Roon cores. A few days ago, after Roon pushed through a software update, my system started misbehaving. Roon support and fellow users did their best, but providing support through a message board is slow and following a support script that does not start with “there might be a problem with our own product” is a sure way to frustrate your customers, especially when you start with “our product is fine, there must be a problem with your network.” Out of frustration, I emailed Andrew for help this afternoon and he responded immediately. We set up a time well outside of normal business hours for Andrew to remotely connect to my computer, and within ten minutes he had diagnosed and solved my problem – which was in fact a problem with the Roon server software and was solved by deleting and reinstalling it. In other words, everything was absolutely fine on my system but after days of being led on wild goose chases, Andrew fixed the problem essentially immediately. You can not ask for better support. I highly recommend Andrew and his products.


Initially I read that subject as he was owing you something…strange things happen in English.

Andrew has been in the game for a while and you stay if you don’t deliver. :smiley:

That is great service. But I do have a couple of observations which I hope you will take in the spirit intended. If not, just say and I’ll delete.

  1. During any round of software updates, a certain percentage will fail. That isn’t anyone’s fault.
  2. Andrew was probably the appropriate place to seek support to begin with.
  3. Message board based support isn’t ideal, but by the same logic remote accessing of Roon installations by Roon isn’t feasible either. Especially on proprietary platforms like yours.

Sometimes support can be a thankless pursuit so it is good you have praised one person, but I do wonder if Roon should be expected to advise you to do a reinstall on someone else’s platform.

Andrew and SGC are helpful. I’ve had good experiences with him as well.

Ditto. Andrew is knowledgeable and responsive, and goes above and beyond for customers. Can’t say enough good things about him and SGC.