Over sampling with Roon and e68?

Hi to all,

A simple question to the exaSound team: should we setup Roon so that it over samples at a specific bit depth and frequency that would benefit SQ? If so, which ones?

Or should we stay at track bit depth and frequency default (my setup)?

Probably my question was not clear, so I ask it in a different way.

Some DAC oversample the digital input at an optimized internal bit rate and frequency (i.e. 24/192) and then do the D to C conversion. My question is: is the e68 do this internal conversion/oversample?

If so, it could be interesting to compare over sampling method with Roon against e68 with the given optimized input bit rate and frequency. If not, then no over sampling is needed.

I must say I did not perform deep testing so far except Roon over sampling at 24 / 192 and did not hear much changes. But only ears matters with SQ…

While waiting for my e68:
Do you’ve tried to upsample to DSD256 (multichannel) or DSD512 (stereo)?
With my other endpoints (without Naim Unity Atom HE) I prefer always upsampling with Roon to DSD (Lumin, Primare, Topping, AudioValve,…), which results in a bit “analogue” sound.

No I didn’t. But I will try and share my feedbacks.

Yes im interested in a feedback.

By the way: I’ve ordered the e68 by nativdsd and got last week the e62, which I’ve sended back and now I’m waiting again for the e68.
Also after asking three times I don’t got a login for the exaSound support side and I’m not able to download the ASIO driver and the Roon plugin.
Perhaps you can help me (using the email function in here)?

I also ordered my e68 with NativeDSD and had no issues. But I had to asked several times to have a login and password to download drivers. NativeDSD did the job but exaSound took some times to answer…

But usually they are quick to respond on this forum. Strange.

Got now my e68 and it’s working without any problems with the ASIO drivers.
But: For upsampling multichannel DSD to DSD256 in Roon, my system seems to be a little bit to slow.
So, I’m thinking about using HQPlayer and a dedicated “small” and silent PC for this.
Do you have now experience in upsampling with the e68?

I would not upsample DSD.

Compared now (DAC–> Primare PRE35 Prisma → AudioValve Luminare → Stax 009) the Lumin T2 with the exaSound e68 in stereo.
Now I’m becoming really impressed in the e68.
For both I’m using upsampling to DSD512 and take care about the same volume label (Lumin T2 is using the balanced output and is louder).
In any case the exaSound sounds more analogue and has s better defined bass.
I can’t believe (and the Lumin T2 is also a very good and point and both using a Teddy power supply) that there is a so great difference between the two candidates.

I did not had time to test PCM to DSD conversion except for few minutes. I was surprised by the overall volume decrease and the impact on the Gamma server side with the convolution on (2 to 6 voices). I need to spend more time setting up things and listening…

I tried the PCM conversion to 192 kHz (my max convolution filter) and did not noticed SQ changes. I need to spend more time to compare the 2 setups, but converting to 192 kHz removes the e68 sample rate changes ‘pop’ when 2 files are different (I suppose that the e68 turn off output to change sample rate and then turn it on again which generates two very light pop).