Overhauled Search in Roon

And yet I get this.

And similar if I use Bjö

is roon search now sentient and throwing strops?


So now it’s coming up 1st on my end too. Just such strange behavior. I tried like 5 times before all with those same terrible results.

Edit: now she’s no longer 1st.

So strange, still works for me here

It would be nice to get an explanation as to how this is happening or at least some indication that this thread was currently being looked at and acted upon.



Presented without comment…

Maybe it’s something to do with how hard we depress the keys?




[the noise of me being shocked & frustrated]

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Roon search just doesn’t like me. This is what I get with Peter Gabriel. I get some albums by him but it should be at top as Artist.

If I hit enter I get this.

And finally in the Artist section he’s at the bottom, 10 artists above him.

Look at Qobuz. Once again takes only 2 letters.

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If I search for Peter Gabriel, I get him as a top result.

That said, yesterday I searched for Ozzy Osbourne and had the same issue you have with good old Pete. Now when I search for Ozzy, I get him as a top result.


Hopefully we can get some feedback from roon on what’s going on. Clearly something is not working right for all users.

This is what I get when I search on Peter Gabriel. Although, I have every album he’s made IN my library in multiple editions and the artist himself is hearted.

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I only got as far as Peter to get him as top result. And I only have a few of his albums in my library and he is not actually hearted so I don’t think that’s too shabby.

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Thought I’d join in the search party:

Never listened to him, is in my queue now.


So it’s nice that it’s working for other people but it’s not consistent. And have no idea if results are personalized or why we all get different results. I’m clearly not getting the results I want unless roon thinks I should expand my musical horizons. I was hoping ARC would have better results but it’s the same since I guess it feeds off my core.


Here’s with just Peter. How does Stan Ridgeway even make sense?

AFAIK, to some extent it is “personalized” based on your library, as in-library content/artist are given results priority. That is why I specified that I had a ton of his material in my library and had him hearted as an artist.

If you do not have a peter gabriel album in your library, add one. Then retry the search.

Not sure if it takes time but added a heat to him as an artist and a bunch of his albums and still have same results. And I don’t have really anything else favorited in my whole library other than Bjork when I was testing that. I also already have 30 of his albums in my library, some duplicates but 30 combined with Qobuz and local albums.

Also none of those other Peter’s have I ever listened to. I have listened to Stan Ridgeway, but not that album.

And for peter gab i get a spurious Peter Gabriel (the producer)

I’m wary of jumping up and down about this as I’m sure it’s not working as intended and people are working on it BUT what I do feel like jumping up and down about is the fact that no-one from Roon is acknowledging any of these issues on this thread.

Time for a sabbatical from here for me I feel.


When will we see the benefit of offline play being removed to aid search?

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