Overnight loss of dac

Was playing ok with build 898 yesterday - today ropieee rpi3 endpoint not discovered. Not XL.

Have reset core, rpi3, router all to no avail. No other endpoints issues only ropieee connected to my dac

Out of ideas

Fixed - reset everything 4 times and it’s all back. SOP for a room update. Getting a bit tired of this now

You do know that the DAC has to be powered on, in order for the Ropieee endpoint to be listed as an audio device, right?

6b1b5dab416148fb @spockfish Harry was running 2 Dac’s on the same RPi and had them in a group of 4 (with 2 other streamers Lumin and Matrix Audio) but tried to remove the 2 (May KTE and OKTO DAC8 Stereo from roon group zone on this rpi (b4) and system lost the ropieee… not sure if its a similar issue XL beta channel 4.019. GUI was still up but I forgot to check Roon Settings About to see if it was still listed :frowning:

I’ll reboot now as the feedback should have made it by now I hope

All OK now after restart of ropieee

Core is 898 latest roon

Nothing to see, except that at some point the server stream is gone.

Thanks Harry…just wanted to make sure wasn’t something odd happened. that you should know about. All OK playing both dacs on the same pi in a group of 2 now

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Helpful :roll_eyes: