Override iOS auto-correct for search field

Given that most searches will be for proper nouns, can auto-correct be overridden in the Roon Search field? I don’t know for sure whether this is possible, but the iTunes Store app on the iPad appears to behave as if it overrides the auto-correct setting in the search field. In Roon, iOS tries to make Julieta “Julie’s” and Venegas “Geneva”.

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I think that that is something that user’s control at the OS level. Auto-correct is either On or Off.

Absolutely, which is why I chose the word “override”. My argument is that, even if the user decides to have this on, there are situations where a dictionary-based auto-correct doesn’t make sense. A search across a domain largely occupied by common nouns is such a situation. Again, I’m not 100% certain, but it appears that iTunes Store search overrides this on my iPad even with auto-correct set to On.

ITunes is part of Apple and they do not have to abide by rules established for 3rd party apps. Not a good example.
I understand and agree with why you’d want it, and why Apple would choose to suppress it for their app store.

Have you seen another 3rd party app that can override auto correct.

Examples I was just able to try: Rhapsody and Chrome when using google search

In fact, the Meridian Sooloos Core Control app on the iPad used to suffer from this issue too. It doesn’t anymore. Search is auto-correct free.

I’ve added a work item to get this done.

That auto-correct used to catch me out quite frequently on Sooloos

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