Overview added screen

I use Roon with my Tidal account and I really enjoy the Recent Activity Played function.
What I miss is the former option to overview all my tracks (not only the last cca. 90) with cd covers. I know that I can see my tracks on the dedicated Tracks page but without covers, which does not allow me to choose quickly a track based on an image.
Do you have any idea what to do in order to see the cover of all tracks?
Thank you!

IF you mean the former last added view, it’s there still. There is a small button next to played…

Thank you NOA!
My problem was that there are only the last 80 tracks displayed as opposed to the previous Overview in whitch there were some hundreds.
The solution: if I go to Albums and sort by recently added, I have the same view as was on the former Overview page (because here also are the selected tracks displayed). I added a bookmark to this setting and everything is ok.