Overview / Discography Bug?

If you have a album in Qobuz and Tidal and the file types are the same it will show an in the library icon.

However if Qobuz has a flac file and Tidal has MQA it see’s these as two separate albums.

I can see this using ‘Air’ as an example.
Moon Safari has two different file types.
Premier Symptomes has a single file type.

Looking at the icons in Discography
‘Moon Safari’ is not in my library.
‘Premier Symptomes’ is in my library.

I find there are a lot of views missing “library” content markers and indicators that I thought used to be there in 1.7. I’ve seen a few threads where it is explained that it is simple boolian logic and that behaviour is as expected and that additional library symbols are redundant. Is that what is going on here?

Personally I don’t see the harm in redundant symbols, I don’t want to think too hard when engaging with roon. Also in many views these symbols and markers, served a dual purpose as they were also links making one-click navigation, much, much easier from several views. Quite a step backwards I think.

Interestingly if I remove the Qobuz service I shows nothing in my library.
Something wrong with this logic, its either in your library or its not…
Discography would seem the ideal place to view and add missing albums.

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