Overview not consistent with the browser data (solved: hidden albums)

Overview shows 3687 albums, the Album browser shows 3473, 200 less.
Overview shows 39911 tracks, the Track browser shows 37706, 2200 less.
Overview shows 2134 artists, nailed it!

Granted, I’m in the middle of importing the content and cleaning things up.
The album discrepancy may be because some albums end up being split (that’s a separate thread), the number is about right.
But two thousand tracks, there is no explanation for that.

I’ll go ask Windows to count the number of files…

I believe the differences are due to hidden albums.

Ok, your theory: you’re a genius! (This is a general answer whenever there is something baffling, it’s always because of hidden files, I’ve fallen for that before, sorry.)

Show hidden files, and albums and overview agree on albums and tracks, and non-Tidal tracks is 21,210, almost exactly the number of files (I’ll ignore that difference, probably some chaos in my directories).

And I guess it makes sense for Overview to ignore the Hidden albums setting, if it shows what is in the library, while the Hidden albums setting is a directive to the browser.

So again, @Carl is a genius, Roon is brilliant, I take it all back.

(Footnote: I did the count. Windows says there are 21,411 music files (you can type “kind:music” in the search field), and Roon says there are 20,354 non-Tidal tracks. Of the files, there are 269 WMA files (dang, i have to clean those out), so that leaves 21,142 files, a bit higher than the tracks Roon found. There are AIFF and WAV, but they are recognized (I verified). Aha, kind:music doesn’t recognize .dsf and .dff, so i counted those separately, 99 of them, so 21,241.)

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