Overview page takes a long time to load

Nucleus+ Running v1.7 Build 537
Gigabit Ethernet, all wired.

Description Of Issue
Library size: 4061 Albums, 50k+ Tracks. All stored in an internal SSD inside the Nucleus+
Service, Tidal enabled.

Problem. Everything is reasonably snappy, except when I try to load the “Overview” page on my iPads. Search speed is decent, playing starts quite fast. However, when I try to go to ‘Overview’, it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 seconds for the page to load! Anything I can do to speed this up?

As a test if you disable Tidal is it quicker?

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Thanks for the report, @WSL.

Does this happen for other remotes besides the iPad?

About how long did it take for this page to load before?

Most noticeable on iPads. When I access it on my Mac, it does seem a little better.

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