Overview Requests

Soliciting opinions here… What would you like to see on the overview screen?

One idea would be where it says xxxx Albums, Artists, Tracks etc…that CLicking on those takes you to the respective Browser

i.e. Click on “xxxx Albums” takes you to the Album browser…[and yes I know that the “View All” option in underneath it over on the right

IMHO, I think it’s something that people will expect to click on and take them to the the respective entry…hardly a priority, but…

At the moment, you have a row of Recently Added Albums, which is good

What about a Row dedicated to “Recently Played”??

I also wonder if the Profile area shouldn’t be a little smaller [vertically]…allowing for more information to be displayed underneath…particularly on Screens with relatively low amounts of Horizontal lines…which will include most Laptops and Tablets etc

Perhaps even the Profile Picture and Name could be moved into the Top Header area in the centre blank space between the Navigation Icons on the left, and the Bookmark & Search Icons on the Right

This display would be similar to the way Google handles account displays in their various apps…and indeed similar to the way this very Forum shows an Icon / Picture for the User in the top right hand corner

The space freed up could then be used for displaying some of the other items??

Agreed. Too much white space IMO.

Without seeing the Overview screen it is hard to feedback, however I would love to see a feed that displayed items that had recently been added to Tidal based on user pre-defined criteria.

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I’m not sure I’d want that, for me the overview is about my collection, not what’s happing in Tidal.

Carl, completely agree with you.


OK - I was thinking that it would compliment my collection so if a new track by X was released and they were one of my hot bands, I could add it to my collection. From what I’ve heard about the Tidal/Roon interface, it would be very easy to blur your owned collection V your subscribed collection. My children haven’t bought music for years and only use streaming services. It may be a while off but I would imagine that the subscription model will be the normal way of building up a collection of music for a lot of younger people. I can’t see myself purchasing downloads or CDs if they are available on Tidal. (Why would I?)


I prefer to own rather than rent the majority of my library, but I am old and set in my ways.


I’m trying not to go too off topic here, but assuming the swim feature is still available, would you want to have the option to include similar music that is on Tidal but not in your owned collection or would you only ever want to swim in the music that you owned? I’m thinking about the positive feedback people provided when they first went to Sooloos and how it allowed them to rediscover their music. I would see discovering music as just as beneficial.

@Ratbert - Should I presume that you don’t use Tidal and therefore any Tidal feature is not of interest to you?

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Currently correct

We have our own radio seeded from your library, and not the Sooloos swim feature.

It’s much cooler than swim was… try it out by hitting play on any artist/album/track/work/composer/etc and picking the radio paw masher (the big black circles screen).

Looking forward to the release so that I can try this out! Will it incorporate Tidal?

It sure will!!

I agree with the suggestin to be more efficient with vertical screen use.

I also prefer to keep the collection info related to local rather than include Tidal.

I would like to see a separate Tidal page though. In the menu along with album, artist etc so that I can just poke around Tidal from within Roon. Getting into Tidal content feels a bit buried via search by comparison.

@ncpl Suggest you look at the last option in the menu, under “Browse” :wink:

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What a plonka ?!? Thanks

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At present it doesn’t really serve any useful purpose because our can’t be clicked through and you and up going to the sidebar so @Ronnie has a good idea re making the elements clickable.

Another thing that may be useful is Roon (optionally) opening up on a randomly chosen artist’s biography when launched.

Perhaps a list new releases from favorited artists?

Featured artist/composer is kinda that, no? Not exactly opening up, but still pretty large on the overview.