Overview screen display

The number of albums displayed on the overview screen seems to have dropped dramatically, I’m using the same windows laptop or windows tablet as previously. Is this something I can customise to suit my own preferences or is it fixed by the Roon software ?

Yes, I‘ve complained about that already. Roon „forgot“ to observe tbe „allow for more albums and covers“ setting for this screen.

Only 8 albums on a iPad page is a bad joke.

I have a few comments about the new overview , ‘view all’ screen.

  1. it displays too few album covers, the album covers are too large.
    I can fix this by changing the app + text display parameters in windows 10 but then all other apps and text on the laptop is too small for comfortable reading so it’s not ideal for other uses.
  2. album covers don’t fit on the page neatly and text is missing on the bottom edge.
  3. arrow keys, page up, page down, home and end keys don’t function for scrolling
  4. after scrolling down through about 4 pages worth (about 100 albums in my case) no more albums are displayed - the rest of my collection is not accessible this way.

On the plus side I’ve found that the previous overview display with it’s denser album cover display and horizontal scrolling is still there if I select the album option from the overview screen. It would be nice to see the new overview screen behave more consistently with other views.

This has already been passed on to the DEVs.

The settings option ‘allow for more covers and photos’ does not seem to function for the new overview screen display. It would be an improvement if this was implemented consistently too.