Overview screen has been hijacked in the latest version

The Overview screen has been hijacked in the latest version. It is now an advertising space for New Releases from Qobuz.

I do not like it. Not one bit.

I want to return to the previous version with the Overview presenting the recent additions to my library.

To be blunt. I HATE this change to the OVERVIEW.

Is there any way to change it?

How can I restore the previous version of Roon?

@Julian_Shepard1 This sounds like you are missing an entire section from the Overview page. Have you updated both your Core and your remote(s)? Try also rebooting the Core.

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Ok. I will try that. Thanks for the suggestion

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Thanks, again. Indeed, when I rebooted the core AND RESET the database, it fixed the problem. Just a reboot of the core alone didn’t fix it.

All is good. Appreciate the suggestion.


Glad it’s now working for you, but this isn’t a term that we use. What did you need to do?

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