Overview vs. Imported

I just did initial load to Roon and imported my music library from an external hard drive. When I look at the Overview in Roon it says 168422 tracks. When I look at the Settings/Storage page it shows 99010 tracks imported! What’s the difference?

Are you using Tidal? Overview has the total, including tidal and local. Settings/storage is just those imported from the local storage you have pointed Roon to.

If you are not using Tidal then I don’t know, but maybe others have some ideas.

Thanks. That makes sense. I am using Tidal.

I believe when you look at say the album view it will exclude any duplicates (so if you have 3 versions of Dark Side of the Moon, only 1 will be counted). Also, I’m not 100% sure, but multi-disc albums may also only count as 1 in this view.