Overwhelmed by credits

I am being overwhelmed by credits - Performed by, Arranged by, Lyrics by, etc.
Those are displayed in the album tracks, under the track name, and I find this very distractive.
In addition, my endpoint, NAD T778, has a front display that shows the metadata, and when Roon sends so much credits, it is unreadable. Screenshots attached.

I searched the forums, and found that even though I have my library imports to prefer file, Roon is still deliberately filling in missing credits.

I also found, that if I do not want to see the credits, I have two options:

  1. Remove the credits track by track.
  2. Un-identify the album.

As much as I love Roon, this is too much, I listen to Pop/Rock music and on some albums the Orchestra/Composer/Conductor/Choir :slight_smile: and all their cousins :slight_smile: are listed in the credits.

I am sure many people will love this information, but not me, and I want to get rid of those credits in an easy way.

Any other suggestions please that I have not yet found?

A screenshot of simple credits, just the band name.

A couple of screenshots of overwhelming credits, that are not readable form the couch i.e. useless to be displayed on the NAD T778 screen.

And lastly a screenshot of the album tracks view: