Own artist pics disappeared after upgrade to 1.2

Hello. I am having some problems with the artist pics I loaded thru the “pencil” while using version 1.1. Once upgraded to Roon 1.2 (great work, guys, beside this issue) they disappeared and again the artist icon reflects a blank image (now a kind of Scottish tapestry) I have all the images, so is not a big deal. The issue is where do I have to upload/save them to be sure that they will be kept by the program despite future updates or reinstalls. Thx in advance, Ricardo

That shouldn’t have happened @ridom. Any other changes in your set up besides the update? What kind of numbers are you seeing in Settings > Setup > Clean Up Database?

@vova and I are going to try and reproduce this and see if there’s a bug here. Sorry again for the trouble!

Hi Mike. I changed the base of Roon server and HQPlayer just before the upgrade and everything was OK. I went from an old Mac Mini mid 2010 to a 2016 I5 Nuc 256/16. Everything was smooth and anyway I am still controlling Roon thru my Surface book. In the Clean up database numbers are all zeroes. Do I have to proceed and touch the cleanup button? And btw, where did my added art go? To the Roon Server/Mac mini or to the Roon remote/Surface?

hi again, I’m going back to the issue with one question Where does Roon save the artist pics I uploaded? I mean, in which folder? thxs for your future answer, Ricardo