P2 with 2.493 is disabled in Roon, does not recognize UDP-205 DAC

The P3 with version 2.493 is recognized by Roon but not enabled. It does not seem to recognize the UDP-205 DAC



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This is quite cryptic.

What is the exact problem? You need to enable the DAC first.

The issue is the DAC is connected and “enabled” but not recognized as connected by Roon.

I also tried the XL version and was able to stream using the DAC connection but only via AirPlay. With Airplay to the P3, it is ultimately using the DAC connection.

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This is obviously not the case:


Try enabling the DAC, choose the corresponding zone for playback and try again.

Also: It’s best to disable (use the cogwheels to do so) the entry for the direct USB connection between the HTPC and your DAC – if not in use – to avoid misunderstandings. The same goes for the AirPlay connection.


How many Oppo 205’s do you have?

Volumio did the same think and did not work until I named it and also swapped the cables. I’ll swap back and try it.

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2 UDP-205’s and a 203.

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As @BlackJack mentioned you have the device disabled. You first need to enable the device.
That’s it: it is recognized by RoPieee and will just work if you enable it.

I had but got no sound.
After switching to Volumio and back it is working with RoPieee.

I guess it is operator error as I cannot reproduce the problem.



Lucky you…I have a lot of OPPO’s CD/DVD/BR transports but the most recent model is a BDP-105 that is still going strong - seldom use for video these days tho. but it is hooked up to a RPi with Ropieee.

Others are all non USB models sadly and mostly museum pieces now like DV980, 981, 983 and a BDP 83SE. the OPPO HA-1, HA-2 and Sonica DAC and a couple of Sonica speakers are all in use now and then tho :wink: