P4 .aac streams not working

P4 Norway, looks like Roon has issues with AAC streams. Did work before. The AAC streams works fine in browser, VLC and Foobar2000 player. Looks like all their stations AAC streams does fail to open within Roon…

Links to their page of stations

Data from Foobar2000: On the stream.
Sample rate : 44100 Hz
Channels : 2
Bitrate : 192 kbps
Codec : AAC
Codec profile : AAC LC
Encoding : lossy

Hello @Tormod_Engesaeth, I’ve just tried a number of P4 stations and all .aac streams worked, so I’ve moved your post to its own thread.

What core are you using and has something changed? (Is it a Qnap?)
Can you try a different station with .aac streams?
CJSW is a .aac only station, or NRK stations have a mix.
What if you change endpoints?