Page breaks after typing letters or album/artist

Unfortunately, the correction is not as comprehensive as I had thought. @danny

The part that still doesn’t work after doing some editing is type ahead, by which I mean typing the first letters of the album title (or artist, or whatever, depending on the view you are using) you want to move to.

The function can still be restored by switching out of then back into the view, or by using the drop down to change the sort order of the view and then change it back again.

Please can you complete the fix in an update, soon.

Bump, it is 5 days since I raised this ongoing issue.

@danny it is now 11 days without any acknowledgement of this ongoing fault, which to my mind is not acceptable.
This is a fault in the program which needs to be fixed, not a request for anything new.

@Simon_Chick Can you provide a screen recording of the behavior? I’m not quite sure I follow your reproduction steps, so a screen recording would be a big help. Thanks!

Thanks for your response, and I am glad that this is now back on your radar.

I am not sure how to do a screen recording, but having just installed build 903, I will in a few minutes time attempt to reproduce the behaviour and give a more precise description of the steps.

If you look at logs within the last hour of this post you should be able to track the behaviour.

As background I have been doing a lot of editing of album artist and album title (almost all in Classical genre) to create greater uniformity in presentation in Roon, and also uniting works which I had split up so they show as single albums in Roon.

This intermittently intense activity is what led me to notice the problem. As a side comment, it also caused Roon to start slowing down or even freezing as the core seemed to get indigestion with the volume of changes. However it did not seem to me that the problem subject of this thread was related to that.

So. The starting point is going to the Albums view, sorted by album title, then typing beeth to go to titles starting with Beethoven. That is what I meant by type ahead.

I then right click an album I want to edit, click the 3 dots at the top of the screen then click Edit Album. I edit the Album Artist field and click save.

After that single edit type ahead still works, so I continue editing other albums, either right clicking as above, or opening by left clicking then going to the three dots.

After a dozen or so, type ahead still worked, which surprised me as previously it would generally not have worked. I also note that build 903 seems to have got rid of the side bar to go down the edit screen, and now it is just click and drag. Good, as that side bar was often difficult, but still not as good as being able to use the scroll wheel.

I will now return to editing, and do it non-stop for 15 minutes, then try type ahead again.

Well I did, and despite this editing also involving album titles which changed their position in the sorting, type ahead still worked as normal.

So I cannot (yet at least) reproduce the issue, which maybe 903 fixed?

So let it rest unless I do again encounter this. Fingers crossed, and thanks.