Pagination of albums...problem


Am really enjoying the Roon platform overall. Good job!

There a few niggles which I am sure will be ironed out along the way :slight_smile:

In particular, I am finding the elastic nature of the pagination of albums troubling, both on the PC and phone/tablet.

It’s nice to just be able to organically scroll through albums without being forced to view a specific set of albums as a page. This applies to both PC’s and Tablet/Phones.

In addition, the physical aspect of scrolling using a digit on the phone/tablet (Android) is really quite unpleasant and unintuitive. One has to swipe from one length of the device to the other to be sure of a successful activation of the page change. Otherwise, with a short swipe, it’s a lottery as to whether the action will be effective, I usually have to attempt between 1 and 5 swipes to get it to work.

It’s frustrating at best. It’s all but stopping me from using either device as remotes.

Would it be possible to allow for simple scrolling through albums without this elastic pagination? (optional feature in settings?)

Or even have some virtual buttons to allow forward/backward pagination on the phone/tablet, as the page up/down buttons work OK in this regard on the PC.

If pagination is required, then it needs to be a much less laborious task to effect, that is for sure!

I know there’s the option to use the scroll bar at the bottom for speedy access, but it’s hardly precise and with many 1000’s of albums in a collection , it’s impossible to use with any accuracy at all.

Thanks in advance for any reply.