Paging my Dutch Roon friends

My daughter is finishing up her year long Masters in sustainability development policy in Maastricht and we are heading for a few day’s holidays in the Hague prior to heading back to Maastricht for her conferring.

Obviously there is the Hague itself, day trips to Amsterdam and Delft - so if any of Roonies from the Netherlands with local knowledge could suggest things to do and see, the things you would like a stranger to experience in the Netherlands from your knowledge and love of the country. Some good eateries, a good hostelry or two.

And of course I will need to find an Irish pub in the Hague on Sunday, the 1st of September to watch the all Ireland senior football final between Dublin and Kerry, but us Irish do you have a knack of finding Irish pubs where ever we go, but perhaps some are more exceptional than others?


Visit Rijksmuseum if you like art, it is the Year of Rembrandt:, been there in March, it was wonderful.

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What are you in to? History? Art? Architecture? …?

Social History, what makes a Dutchman or woman?
Why did the Netherlands flourish in the 1600’s?
How did all the land reclamation come about.

Those are the sort of things I’m interested in.


Some suggestions,

The Hague



  • Rijksmuseum (maybe you can buy tickets in advance, can be really busy)



I’d second the suggestions of Julius for The Hague and Arnhem - the Openluchtmuseum will certainly give you an insight to rural social history. A smaller alternative would be Zaanse Schans, but being close to Amsterdam, it could be heaving with fellow tourists. If you’re into windmills, then Kinderdijk is the place for you.

Oh, and Rotterdam has some interesting modern architecture - notably the Kubus houses and the Markthal.


… fully agree to all suggestions, but don’t miss the Palace on Dam Square and the VOC ship in Amsterdam, both very interesting places for social history. And while you’re in The Hague, do take a stroll down the Lange Voorhout, my favourite street in all of Holland! And perhaps the Dennenweg, too… Enjoy you visit!


Congrats to her and you! Sounds really interesting and worthwhile.

If you are considering Julius’ Openluchtmuseum suggestion above in Arnhem, one of the best zoos and preservation centres in Europe is literally next door, and on the west side of Arnhem in Oosterbeek there is the much lower key but very worthwhile Airborne museum, with a focus on Operation Market Garden and the battle of Arnhem in WWII. A Bridge too Far and all that.

North of Arnhem in the Veluwe national park you find the Kröller-Müller Museum with an amazing Van Gogh collection.

Also, both perhaps a bit out of the way for you, but nevertheless within the ‘Dutch and water’ scope:


I live in Arnhem and i concur with the above suggestions :grin:

Be sure to find a good Indonesian restaurant and have a Reistaffel. 20 course fantastic meals! Yeah I’m from Chicago but I’ve been to Amsterdam over 30 times.

The Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam is also a must-see!


Knusss in Arnhem is great for Indonesian food :white_check_mark:

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All I know about Arnhem is that bridge over the Rhine. Good to know where I’ll have dinner after visiting :slight_smile:


There are more good restaurants over here :wink:

If you are in the vicinity of Arnhem, take a look at the kröller müller museum, lot’s of great paintings and statues. The museum is located in national park ‘de hoge veluwe’. Beautiful surroundings, and at the moment everything is purple due to the blossoming heath. Also there is a hunting lodge or house from the hands of famous dutch architect Berlage.

Kröller müller


An excellent book is Johan van Veen - Dredge, drain, reclaim. Art of a nation

If you have a good library nearby and some time for reading. Impressive account about land reclamation written by the godfather of Dutch water engineers

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Don’t forget the most ‘gezellige’ (cosy, friendly, hygge) city of Utrecht! Amsterdam is full of tourists, Utrecht full of students and culture. Recommended!


For land reclamation Google for Deltawerken.
Neeltje Jans is the place to be. Aproxx 1h drive South West of Rotterdam. Enjoy.

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They got seals for extra bonus! :wink:

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The Times will send you to Dordrecht immediately ( :slight_smile:
Lots of history here. A beautiful port and great museums.
An “Intercity” railservice takes you from The Hague to Dordrecht 4 times an hour in about 30 minutes. On the way you pass Delft and Rotterdam; also worth it!
Have a nice time!
Erik, Dordrecht


Any restaurant recommendations in Den Haag. Day one went across the street to La Passione, very good food, great staff …

could manage another meal there, but we’re here until Thursday so all suggestions welcome.