Paid Subscription To Tidal, Qobuz, Both, or Neither

I’ve been trialing both. At first I thought MQA was the way to go.
But reading and listening tells me I think Qobuz is excellent.
Cancelled Tidal, and will pay Qobuz when the trial ends
I’m in the U.S. If I pay annually, it’s $12.50/month.
Tidal is $20 mo.
I don’t see any reason to spend more $ for Tidal as Qobuz sounds great and their catalog is good and getting better.
Using Roon as my interface, I’m not too concerned about Tidal v. Qobuz UI.
I also have have Apple Music since it started as I’d used iTunes for a long time. Not sure what to do w/ that yet. May drop it, may not.
Roon is the bomb, as long as it stays connected. I have some issues along that line.
Will be looking into perhaps upping my WiFi game in my place.


Though there are differences, there is too much overlap in catalog to justify two subscriptions for me.

And I think MQA is just snake oil with a not so nice business model behind. So I stick to the lossless playing of albums on Qobuz

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I tried Qobuz but didn’t have all of the pop rock that Tidal did so dropped it.


I moved to Qobuz from Tidal. The classical selection is better.

I lost quite a few pop/rock/indie albums from my library (about 10%) but as I rarely listen to that stuff now it didn’t bother me. Having the sleeve notes in pdf is a big plus too.

Same here. Moved to Qobuz fromTidal when they started that MQA fad.

I am letting my Tidal subscription expire next month but keeping Qobuz.

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For me, streaming is currently just a way to “try” new music, typically by using the “Recommended For You” and “New Releases for You” sections in Roon. I only add content from streaming services to my library temporarily, as sort of a “backlog” of items to go through in detail later-on and eventually acquire local digital copies of.

Therefore, coverage of genres I care the most for (pop / rock / metal) is critical. And that’s why I’ve chosen Tidal in the end, despite liking sound quality of Qobuz more. (I do buy some albums from Qobuz site though, therefore actually supporting both Tidal and Qobuz with my money.)

And I agree with one of the previous posts - way too much overlap to subscribe to both services at once (IMHO).

I finally cut the cord with Tidal this morning. I’ve been weaning my self off and switching over to Qobuz which I also had. After I sorted through all my remaining Tidal content, there were only 11 ‘albums’ that weren’t available in Qobuz. Some of those were single remixes or EPs. I’ll buy those individually.
It wasn’t this way a year ago. Qobuz has built up their library enough the gap between the two services is pretty small and not worth an extra $240/year.

What does puzzle me though is why some artists make it so hard to buy their music? I want to replace Raquel Rodriguez/Stan Taylor’s “Sunday Best” and all I can find is chintzy mp3 versions.
On the one hand, you hear artists complain about how little they make from streaming, but then they don’t offer an alternative to pay for what you want. Crazy.

Both. If it’s on Qobuz that’s what I use. Total for the gaps. I also listen extensively to my own CDs (ripped) and records.

In principle I prefer Qobuz but I subscribe to Tidal. Why?

1/ Qobuz doesn’t (or didn’t, the last time I tried them) provide the necessary metadata to allow Roon to do volume levelling which is a must for me.

2/ I can get Tidal significantly cheaper.

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Off-shore accounts have their uses :smiley:

Qobuz and roon appear to have solved volume leveling.

No, not really. Album normalisation still doesn’t work, see Volume levelling on Qobuz albums

Back to Tidal. I can save a couple of bucks per month and the library seems more complete for the music that I listen too. My Naim NDX 2 does not support MQA sadly, so I only get the first unfold in Roon but I could hardly hear a difference compared to Qobuz Hi-Res on my Stax so fine for me.

I also keep Spotify on the side for my Sonos setup.

I’m paid up through the end of the year for both. Tidal is US $16.66 and Qobuz is US $12.50. I have 837 linked albums in Tidal and 826 in Qobuz. So, only 11 albums missing in Qobuz and they are constantly adding new stuff. I like both and can’t bring myself to drop either.


I did the same. I didn’t find the MQA was worth keeping both. I liked the sound reproduction of Qobuz better.

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Maybe I can bring myself to that point by the end of the year. I think I need to do more analysis of the resolutions available on each.

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After having both for several months, and Tidal for a couple of years previous, I just found myself pulling up the Qobuz feed whenever I could. Both are good services. It wasn’t a money thing either, just figured I didn’t need both. I’m using the radio features a lot more recently since lockdown, for both music and talk radio. I just bought one of those portable CCrane3 radios that can receive bluetooth. Pretty slick.

No talk radio for me.

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