Paired Sonos vs. NAD/Klipsch

Okay, I need some help… please.

I currently have Roon running thru a NAD C368 with Klipsch RPM160s in my bedroom. I love this setup - even though the speakers are only 5 feet apart I can still hear enough separation to achieve that blissful music high we all know and love. However, other people live here and I have to keep volume at a reasonable level, despite the fact that certain music was written to rock the mountains.

But the garage is different, it has turned into my man cave, and every weekend I setup a Sonos Move and can really turn it up loud. I’d love a permanent hi-fi setup, but because it’s a garage subject to extreme temperatures, I’m limited to portable equipment. Headphones… yeah, tinnitus is already bad enough but I’d blow my ears out permanently in a few weeks with good headphones.

Would a 2nd paired Sonos Move deliver the similar stereo quality as the NAD/Klipsch setup? Is it possible for portable speakers to achieve this, or am I just wishing for nonsense…

Appreciate any advice!

I think yes it would.
I have 2 set’s of Play 1s in a stereo Pair and a set of Play 3s in a stereo pair and they are both very enjoyable in their setup’s

I’m seriously tempted to add another Move to the garden set-up to make a stereo Pair as well

Just make it a stereo pair in the Sonos app and Roon sees it as one speaker and you are good to go


A little late for a reply but I wanted to thank you Michael for the response. Since I already had a Sonos Move and very much liked it, I took a chance and bought a second one to create a paired stereo set.

At first I did the pairing using Roon’s group feature with mixed results. The pairing seemed spotty and one or the other would drop out - not at all the like the success I had with another group of Sonos products I had setup in my living room.

Then it dawned on me - my living room setup was grouped using the Sonos app. Once I paired the Moves with Sonos and played them thru Roon it was great. No drop offs, and there was distinct music separation. Yes, Michael had mentioned this in his response, but it takes me a while sometimes to get it :wink:

I wanted to add this update both to thank Michael and maybe help others who come across this in the future. Paired Sonos Moves will work very well with Roon - not the same separation as NAD/Klipsch, but separation none the less and highly recommended.

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Terrence glad you got there in the end.
Yes I pair mine in the Sonos app as well and it seems much more reliable. Up to about Roon 1.6 it worked well in Sonos, but it just got worse and when you unpaired them it wouldn’t actually unpair them, and it got me into all sorts of problems with the family :rofl: