Panasonic TV as Roon Display

Only if you want things to be easy. The range of technologies in so-called “smart” TVs is wide and disappointing, IMO. I suggest new purchasers look for a dumb TV and smart TV box or dongle.

Hello Dylan

Have you received our diagnosis? :upside_down_face:

Looks like a very nice TV. Had to go to the Singapore LG web site to find specs for it. I did find these notes on the browser it uses:

Doesn’t look to me like you will be able to make it work but I hope I am wrong.


Great research. Hmmmm … it makes one appreciate the Roon product even more considering the tech inconsistencies inherent in this sector.

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It’s a challenge for sure

@dylan have you received the logs?

Hi @Gigatoaster,

Yes, the diagnostics report was received and passed along to the team. The team will continue their investigation, but in this case it seems as though this may be a limitation on the browser’s side. I’ll be sure to keep you updated here if there is any change.