Pandora sold to SiriusXM

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Sirius will wreck it much like they wrecked XM. I don’t understand the appeal of all one musician stations. XM was great in the deep tracks days.

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Interesting. I used to use Pandora at home and liked it but I replaced it with music from YouTube before switching to Roon. I still have SiriusXM in my car which I hope to replace with Roon one day in the not too distant future.

I realize that Roon in my car may not be quite as available as SiriusXM but I can deal with that. And you never know, maybe the Roon mobile app will include downloaded content at some point and I won’t have to rely on a strong Internet connection in my car all the time.


You can also have your own mobile library to play in the car, people are doing that since cassette tapes.

Or if you are just using streaming services, Tidal for example is very nice integrated with Android Auto or it can be used as a standalone player (you can download from Tidal).

Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and Radio Paradise are integrated with Apple Car Play as well.


Thanks for the suggestions.

As you have no doubt seen here on the forums many times before everyone makes their own choices based on what they believe works best for them and I am no exception.

About 80% of the 400+ albums in my library today are from Tidal so while I could download the few albums I have to my phone I prefer to listen to more varied content in the car which SiriusXM offers. I could use the Tidal app on my phone but I use Google Fi for my phone provider and try to keep my data usage under the standard 1 GB. My car can connect to AT&T for Internet and has Android Auto and I tried both when I got the car last December but I was not impressed so I deleted Android Auto from my phone and did not renew the AT&T data plan when its free trial ended.

I’m paying about the same for my SiriusXM subscription as I would pay for AT&T Internet and for now I prefer paying for SiriusXM. However, as my first post stated if and when Roon comes out with a mobile app for Android I will probably cancel SiriusXM, activate AT&T Internet service and start using the Roon app. Hopefully this will get me access to everything in my library at that time. I suspect I will still find using the phone in the car not as elegant as using the car’s built in systems but if that’s the price to get to all my music I will just have to pay it.