Pandora style discovery

What I loved, when working in the U.S., was Pandora’s ability to discover new music for you, based on the ones you liked and played. I was impressed with the interesting music, very close to my taste, that it discovered.

Will Roon be enable to provide a similar style of discovery? Extending my own collection and ‘favoured’ Tidal ones with new ones?
Allowing me to like or dislike and thus keep extending my collection with Roon learning my taste?

in a similar vein, would you be able cross reference an item (e.g. drummer) and find tracks that were in your local collection and Tidal? I’m pretty sure this function wasn’t available with Sooloos and Rhapsody last year.

Yes. If you’re logged into Tidal and use our radio feature, you get a blended radio experience that mixes Tidal with your own content.

Allowing me to like or dislike and thus keep extending my collection with Roon learning my taste?

Pandora does “like” and “dislike” buttons because it’s the best they can do.

We have a huge advantage over Pandora because we have your music library. We know what kind of stuff you collect, what subset you actually listen to, which content you favorite or ban (basically an "un-favorite), what content you’ve imported recently, and so on.

As it turns out, this provides a much more accurate taste profile than explicit like/dislike clicks. We use this information to drive the radio feature, as well as a magazine-style discovery browser.


Seems this is going to be one hell of a way to immerse yourself in your music collection.

Wow, sounds really cool. Curious how the under promise over deliver angle comes in here, not much room for over :smile:

I guess for most households this would mean you’d need personas to avoid mixing in the children songs.

I guess for most households this would mean you’d need personas to avoid mixing in the children songs.

Yup. We call them profiles. Play history, playlists, and favorited/banned content are all segregated.

It’s actually a lot cooler than Pandora, since you can do queue building with it! Thumbs up in radio will not only insure play, but append the song into the queue and show you the next radio song. Sitting for a minute with radio’s thumbs up/down, you can preload hours of great music that was suggested to you.

Seeing is believing :smile:

So much coolness together, I will no longer need any passive cooling of my nuc anymore, just to run Roon on it.

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We have been working a long time on this stuff, and I could point out thousands of holes in our product. In fact, all I see is holes now since I’m so used to having the features we keep talking about here.

We are also releasing 3 months earlier than originally planned due to business decisions, so I’m sure the first few versions will have more issues that we like. Our nice update system should let us squash those quickly however.

We hope you like where we are coming from, and where we are going, and be patient with a few of our growing pains :slight_smile:

This is the most buttoned up and planned for release we’ve ever been, and I’m really glad how our community engagement is turning out. You guys aren’t so scarey :wink:


For what it is worth, I think you are doing all the right things. The engagement is half the battle, throw in a promising product, and a responsive approach around issues when they do happen to materialize and you’re there.

As long as you keep up the dialogue, also when there are some hiccups, we’ll be nice :smile:

The patience part, can’t promise that, we’re modern consumers, we want things yesterday…:wink:

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Yes, but it only gives a very general overview when you know my library, in my case having over 5000 albums in all genres. I want, if being in the mood, discover something sounding like even a single song, what about that? Or generate a smart playlist based on one song moving to another song developing in those styles in between.

Just thought I’d revive this topic. I find that the Tidal playlists leave a lot to be desired. And (as shown in other topics) Roon’s radio function is still seriously limited (for me it sticks with 3-4 artists).
Which means the experience is far from Pandora style unfortunately.

With the great latest release I was hoping some TLC on the Radio would be next :slight_smile: .

In the meantime i’ll try to ignore the pull of spotify and stay with the current setup :wink: .

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Got a suggestion that radio improved in 88, but, though i do not get the same songs, it still revolves around the same limited set if artists.

Moved the topic to feature requests area.

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These could probably be combined: More Adventurous Radio Streaming