Parametric EQ band re-order

The paramedic EQ function is nice.

What I think is needed is a way to re-order bands. For example, if I have 5 bands ranging from, say, 25Hz to 8kHz and then add a 6th band at 100 Hz it will be last on the list even though it’s out of “order” in terms of the frequency band it adjusts.

I’m thinking of something like an “edit” button which, when clicked, would reveal a grab-and-move type of bar next to each EQ band.

Agreed, nice feature indeed, but yes, there needs to be the ability to quickly re-order the bands by drag and drop.

It seems like having them in frequency order is the main thing–maybe just a button to sort them?

Sure, that would do the trick and is even simpler than manually dragging them. Thanks Brian!

Right! That’s why you’re the CTO!

in the EQ app, how to add bands for the other lines? when i click on ‘add bands’
it just adds on on top of one of the existing 5 bands.
but wow, adding some eq certainly makes it more punchy.
i’ve got a slight smile curve going on