Parametric EQ question

Hello there.

So I just started playing with the parametric EQ and I found the much talked about oratory1990 settings. They seem to really improve the sound, but there’s a setting I can’t quite understand: preamp gain.

Do I have to set it on the “baseline” slider (x axis) or should I set it at headroom management (a different setting altogether)?

Any help will be much appreciated.



The oratory1990 settings will usually tell you how low to set the pregain value but if not then you should lower the preamp gain so that the highest peak does not go above 0db. This is just an example I quickly made

That is ideal and you would not have to use any headroom management. if for some reason you don’t want to lower the pregain or you are not using the EQ, then you could use headroom management to prevent and clipping that is occurring.
This also depends on if you use volume leveling or not since volume leveling lowers almost everything a couple of db, which is usually all that is needed to prevent clipping. You could still use headroom management if you like, but you would use a smaller negative value than you would if volume leveling was turned off.


Got it.

Thank you!

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Hey everyone,
I located the oratory 1990 setting list online, but can’t figure out how to open one and bring it into the roon eq settings list?

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As far as I know, you have to manually input all the values into the parametric EQ.

It’s a bit of a pain, but it’s just one time.


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That’s great, but how? I don’t see a pulldown menu to add those values.

First, you add a band and select type.

Then you simply click on a particular band that you want to adjust and enter values at the bottom of the page, in the spaces provided.

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