Parametric EQ Screen - Display Loaded EQ Setting

It’d be great if the Loaded EQ Setting NAME was visible on the Parametric EQ Screen. Perhaps beside Parametric EQ.

Roon allows one to save and manage saved settings with ease but once one loads the setting you don’t know which one is loaded and in effect other than of course seeing the graphic representation.

I’d love to listen flat, but the much loved Parametric EQ in Roon is allows the tweaks that make all the difference.

Why not make awesome software just a bit better with this refinement.

I like this idea. I have a number of saved PEQ settings and would like to be able to see at a glance which one is being used. :+1:

Agreed! I’d like to not have to dive too deep to make preset changes either.

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A good idea. :+1:

I’m glad I’m not alone on this.

Particularly, since with digital, there is no smooth transition when applying a change in PEQ, which I assume is impossible, knowing what’s applied without the need to apply a pause inducing change would be welcome. Of course if there was some way to fade into the newly applied PEQ filter that would be stellar.

I love my Roon no matter what and I so love those who strive to become better, as Room does, and welcome suggestions and constructive criticism to that end.

Hello to All,
I am new to Room and its community and I, who come from MoOde, make the same remark as you and I was even surprised on such a system not to find this.
I 100% agree with you. developers have to work on it because it’s really lacking.