"Parent of / children of" metadata issue

Hi @support!

I’d like to have your opinion about this issue on my library (see images posted below).

I personally update “parent of / children of” metadata of the artists of my library by adding fields on MusicBrainz, but some of them don’t appear in my library even after months.
This is the case, just for example, of the children of Neal Morse (Jayda and Wil Morse, who are credited in lots of his works).
As you can see, there is the field “siblings” (personally added too in MusicBrainz), but there is no trace of the “children” field, even if they are present in MusicBrainz.

The strange thing is that for some artists the library is soon updated (it is the case of Mike Portnoy, see images below), but for others (I have multiple examples) there is no change.

How can I do to have those fields appearing? I would be so grateful if you could help me!
Thank you!

Here it doesn’t appear:

Here they appear:

Maybe nothing has changed yet and Roon’s not using musicbrainz for family relationships yet?

But this is not true I think! I personally verified that when I put that info into MusicBrainz also the Roon info are updated. But not for all of the artists.

Those data come from MusicBrainz, not from Rovi.

I’m just guessing - I don’t know if something changed since last August. Only Roonlabs can tell… :slight_smile:

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