Parental Controls / Filtered Library based on User

I have two young daughters who are very interested in music. I would love to set them up with Roon profiles so that they can play music without my help, but there doesn’t seem to be a mechanism for filtering out inappropriate music from their view of the library. For example, I would like to be able to empower my daughters to listen to Taylor Swift or They Might Be Giants or whatever without also giving them access to NWA and the Notorious BIG.

I know other people have used Filter to present a cut-down view of the library for certain users in their environment, but this doesn’t prevent those users from exploring the full library if they wish.

My request is to add a parental controls-type feature that would allow me to set up a walled garden for users within my environment. I could foresee managing the contents of this walled garden in a couple of ways:

-As an explicit action on an album or track, similar to the way tags are maintained. Something along the lines of a “Share with [user]” action in the context menu.
-At a folder level: I could organize my daughters’ music into a “Children’s Music” folder on my server, and then tell Roon to only display music from that folder within my daughters’ library views.

This could also provide a better solution for presenting slimmed-down versions of the library for spouses etc.


And at the same time protect me from all the crap my daughter listens to :scream:

I was listening to “The River of Anyder” on my headphone zone yesterday and my daughter found it funny to switch her airplay zone to mine… Al of a sudden “Do you wanna build a snowman” was blazing in my ears !!!

@danny parental controls and a way to block zones per user please :grin: