Partition internal storage / Roon Rock Intel NUC 10


i know you can´t use the System Drive for Storage, but is there a way to Partition the used Drive ?

You mean USB drive? there is no way to partition anything in the ROCK/Nucleus either the boot drive or the additional internal SATA drive if fitted.

Okay, i meant the internal OS Drive.

Thats bad, because i now habe about 450GB of Space legt in my Drive. Maybe that is Something for Roon Rock 2.0 Just a Suggestion.

secondly, i tried the SD Card Slot at my Intel NUC 10i5FNH but it seems Rock doesn´´t recognize SD Cards.

just a further suggestion for a Rock OS 2.0

I was pretty sure it’s explicitly said in the rock pages and that more than 128gb ssd is waste of money. 64gb is actually more than enough unless you have a huge library