Partner products / Roon app functions

Do Roon functions appear in the partner product app, or the reverse? Or do you have to switch between apps?

Not really sure what you mean. Do you mean app functions or device functions?

I have a non compatible Marantz AV preamp that I have to switch between apps to control volume etc, and then back to the Nucleus app to access music.

Do the partnered products combine these functions into one app?

Oh I see. I’m not sure about AV products as I don’t use them. Two channel kit does this yes if it is roon ready. My Naim kit volume is bidirectional with Roon and it’s remote.
@support to ask if there are equivalent AV multichannel products.

Thanks for your reply, This will be a two channel application too. I am only acquainted with Naim by reference, I assume it is a two channel preamp?
When you say the volume is bidirectional do you mean that there are volume control functions in the Roon App that control your Naim device?

Yes it’s two channel streamer and amp in one box.
It has three available methods of volume control, a big volume control on the top, a remote with volume indicator and roon. Changing the volume with any one is shown on the others.
Roon will also bring it up out of sleep and send it back.

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