Parts of Qobuz Not Refreshing

On my Roon the “Still Trending” and “Top albums on Qobuz” categories under New Releases Never change. Almost all the dates on albums in Still Trending are the same, 21 Feb 2020. I have moved Cache to the desktop on Mac Catalina and nothing changes. I have logged out of Qobuz, moved the Qobuz cache, logged back in and restarted and nothing changes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roon Core multiple times and nothing changes. Anyone have any ideas? I’m on Roon 1.7 (build 710) and have a hi res subscription to Qobuz. I have Tidal also but haven’t noticed issues with that. The layout is totally different from Qobuz.

Hey @Quicksilver,

Thanks so much for posting about the issue you’ve ran into. We’re so sorry about the delay in getting back to you - our team is only notified when support requests are posted in the Support category of our community.

No worries, as I’ve just moved this post there. Our @support team will get back to you.


Hi @Quicksilver,

Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing here?

These albums never change.

Anything? Is there a phone number for support?

Thanks for the feedback, @Quicksilver

I’ve passed this along to the team for further consideration in the future.

Further consideration? You didn’t even help now, why would try to help in the future? Roon’s support needs a complete revamp. It’s pretty close to non-existent.

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“Still trending” still hasn’t changed in over 1 year. The same recordings in the same order are listed as in the screenshot from Feb 2020! Can this be removed since it has never been fixed? Takes up real estate…

The Still Trending section of Qobuz hasn’t updated for me in months, maybe it never has, under any version of Roon, including 1.8.

I’m guessing this is an old section of Qobuz that they aren’t updating that Roon is still including because it’s hard coded in. It’s no longer a section on the Qobus app (Mac desktop or iOS).

And I notice the new sections that do show up in the Qobuz apps don’t show up in Roon. Definitely in need of an update here.

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Thanks for the replies, CoralRad and jtnt. I didn’t know that Qobuz doesn’t use that section anymore and Roon hasn’t updated it. I wish we could customize sections of Roon related to Qobuz and Tidal. Searching playlists would also be great.