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According to my password manager my password, along with thousands of others I suppose, has been obtained in a data breach. How do I change it?
Thanks, Ian

Hi Ian,

Log in to your account here and you can change your password.

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Hi @Ian_Rodger,

I, like many, unfortunately had similar reports …

To mitigate the risk, I too switched to using password manager, and then changed all my accounts to have a unique (long computer generated) password. It took a few days to do but now I rest easier that any given data breach is contained to just that one account.

My little “black book” of account and password details is no more … not looked back since :slight_smile:

Thanks Greg! All done.

yes, they’re a good thing Carl.
I used a free version of Dashlane and it was adequate to start with.
When I decided to actually pay for an Avira antivirus suite I switched to their password manager.
I do keep a notebook as a backup though. Ya’ never know!

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