Password for login not saved

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Description Of Issue
When are you going to enable passwords to be saved? The App doesn’t do this on my Mac, and it’s annoying to have to find the password each time.

Hi @Surge,

Something sounds amiss here, Roon does store passwords, so once entered that’s it.

Roon support multiple services, which service / password are you referring to?

  • Roon Account
  • Tidal
  • Qobuz
  • Dropbox
  • LastFM
  • Network Shares (for file storage)

Could you give an example of the behavior you are witnessing.

Also what version of OSX are you using or are you meaning MacOS and what roon build for the record…current stable is B416

I’ll check. The community saves the login info but the App does not. It doesn’t have a “remember me” or “keep me logged in” feature.

HI again,

We have assumed you are talking about the Roon application, but I’m not so sure now … for clarity what “App” are you discussing and please could you answer the question I posted earlier. In order to help/advise we need detailed otherwise we are just guessing.

Hi @Surge,

As suggested by Carl, it would definitely be helpful to know which login information you’re regularly having to enter into Roon. Also, how often are you having to enter in this information? Every time you start Roon? Every time the Core reboots?

Thank you for the quick replies.
It seems like it’s only when not using Roon for some time. I exited and relaunched the desktop App today and the password was not required upon reboot.

Hi @Surge,

Thanks for the update. The next time it happens please share a screenshot of what you’re seeing and we’ll be able to take a closer look.

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