Paste text in search bar


Can you add “Paste text to search bar functionality” in Roon 1.8. This would be very convenient. Thank you.

Use “CTRL V” to paste text into the search bar.


…or “command V” on Mac OS

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I suspect phone and tablet remotes are the issue. They’re a little more hinky when cutting and pasting.

Maybe, but paste works just fine in iOS at least.

I’m not loving the iOS paste and unintuitive (for me) search closing cross right now. Minor niggle but it behaves in unexpected and annoying ways for me.

Isn’t that more of an iOS rather than a Roon issue then? I think it behaves as good (or as bad) as in any other iOS-app.

So I’ve not investigated how universal a “close this search with a cross” is across iOS. I’m guessing not so common as I keep expecting it to clear the search text and it closes instead. Given this is the first app to drive me mad in this manner I’m guessing it’s something about this particular implementation. But, as I said, I’ve not tested that idea yet. I have used an iOS device for a lot of years.

I would also like to paste with a mouse, Right click in the field to paste clipboard.

many times i’m sitting on my couch browsing forums and see something that I want to listen, then I need to grab the keyboard to paste instead.