Path name in album title

Why then I can see the file path (the folder name) in the album name?
Is it /will it be possible to correct it?

Hi @cas – generally, we only show the folder name if we have no other information about the album. I would recommend clicking the pencil, then choosing “Identify Album” – if you find a match for your album, you should get a more accurate title.

We will be releasing some editing functionality soon that will let you add your own album title, or use the album title from your file tags, although my guess is that your file tags are empty if we’re displaying the folder name.

Let me know if that makes sense @cas!

you are right! The album Super Artists on Super Audio, Vol.8 is not present in roon’s database, yet. The vol.1-vol.7 are there. :smile:

By the way, It would be great if I could see not only the warnings that one track is not O.K.(pencil… metadata), but exact Information which trac is probably not O.K.