Patrick o'hearn mixed up

there are 2 patrick o’hearn.
one is a bass player, performing with frank zappa among others:

the second one is a drummer:

and is erroneously credited to many frank zappa albums.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

At first glance our metadata appears to be crediting the correct Patrick O’Hearn in the Zappa examples you’ve shared. I’m going to look into this further with the team and I’ll follow up once I have more info.

Hi @Niccolo_Terzi,

Would you be able to share some media with us so we can try to reproduce this in-house?

Additionally, can you share some screenshots of your import settings?

i can only add here that the credits in allmusic are correct

in my file tags, there is a personnel tag cotaining Patrick O’Hearn.
in the end in roon i get 2 pat’s, one correct (bass player) one wrong (drummer).


i add a piece of information, and i’d like a feedback from you and the staff.
yes, i think that in your metadata the credited Patrick O’Hearn is the correct one

but in my files there is a PERSONNEL tag with Patrick O’Hearn.
and roon, instead of recognize that he is the same Patrick O’Hearn, associate him with Patrick O’Hearn Thomas, so the other one.

i think (correct me) that this is a common situation.
see for example the Chester Thompson post of mine.

I make my guess:
this situation happens when there is a possible confusion between 2 artists (here 2 Patrick O’Hearn, or 2 chester thompson) and the credit roles are different (in roon DB and file tags).

anyway, in my library is general and very common problem. in fact half (not all) of my albums are tagged at track levev with a PERSONNEL tag. and this is quite a necessity, as in roon DB the credits are most of the times only at album level.

in the chester thompson case, i solved by changing my tags, with Chester D. Thomson and Chester C. Thomson, so roon has been able to associate my tags to the correct Chester Thomson.
in this case, i cannot do the same, as i cannot specify more precicely Patrick O’Hearn.

see also the “Camille” post of mine.
in that case, i solved in the same way. i’ve changed in my file tags Camille with the complete name Camille Dalmais: in this way roon has been able to associate the tag with Camille, and not Camilla a.k.a. Prince…

but clearly here is a logic error by roon. it should be obvious and understood that in an identified album by Camille, a tag Camille refers to the same Camille and not another one.
idem for Patrick O’Hearn and so on.