Pause at the end of current track

(Jim Austin) #1

Anyone else like this? I often hate to turn music off in the middle. I want to let the current track play to the end before stopping. It’s a question of respect for the music. I don’t want to clear the queue, since I want to continue playing soon. And of course I know I can just wait and then press pause. So, there’s no point in responding with those suggestions.

Seems like it ought to be easy enough to do.

On a different note: I just auto-renewed for my fourth year, which means I’ve now pretty much paid for a lifetime license. I understand (sort of) the rationale for lifetime licenses–reward people who take a risk, and don’t water down that value by offering something to year-by-year folks like me. But there’s a strong disincentive, too: Now that I’ve already paid $500, I’m LESS inclined to shell out another $500. But if I could get partial credit for the money I’ve already spent, I’d be far more likely to convert to lifetime.

(JohnV) #2

I’d ask them (about a price break) if I were in your shoes.

(Ged) #3

Nope that’s what remotes were invented for. Also it would have to have an off switch for contiguous tracks so means a UI change.


(Chris ) #5

I wish you had a fade down option for pause as it seems wrong to interrupt a song suddenly when it sounds this good.

(Mr Fix It ) #6

alarm clock extension has a fade in so many mins or at a time - not sure if there is a pause at track end option @Jan_Koudijs Jan the author might have some insight here.

(Jim Austin) #7

Thanks to all who chimed in with USEFUL comments. (You know who you are. :wink:)

To clarify, I’m thinking of something like a modified pause button–maybe a shift-pause or an alt-pause (I usually control music from my laptop, since it’s usually in my lap) to pull up a pause menu. Or, on a pad, pick a multi-touch gesture.


(Paul Brekke) #8

I have been looking for exactly the same option - to pause/stop music at the end of the currently playing track.
In my listening sessions, I often click trough Tidal playlists, similar artists, etc, adding to my playlist along the way. After a while, I’ve got a several hour long playlist of stuff waiting, but I usually don’t have the time to listen to it all in one go. I really dislike stopping music abruptly (and it’s obviously not just me).
I can see two easy ways to implement this;

  • Add a right-click or key combination pause function “pause after current”
  • Add a “insert pause” in the Queue which we could move around at will, just like another track. That would be great!